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‘Industry 4.0’ (the Internet of Things in manufacturing and the consequent technology-driven changes) will have a revolutionary impact throughout the value chains in our industry. Certainly there will be opportunities for reliability, productivity and machine safety improvements through automation and improved equipment health monitoring. But there will also be opportunities from integrating demand and production planning, warehousing and logistics operations; new business models might emerge from tighter interaction with your customers (or suppliers) or from data-dextrous new entrants muscling in on your space. And all this will have an impact on people and their skill requirements and on career path opportunities for the development of digital talent. The potential impact on our industry is enormous.


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Following the successful ‘Leading the Connected Generation’ study, we plan to apply EIIL’s masterclass workshop approach to study ‘Industry 4.0’. Participants in four research masterclass workshops will ‘crowd-source’ their expertise and opinion on the subject and help put other published studies into the context of how ‘Industry 4.0’ relates to our members and its impact on their industries. Throughout, EIIL will maintain a keen interest in identifying potential future leadership issues, and the skills requirements of next generation leaders.

The four meetings will be held:

12th April 2016, Leverkusen, Germany

2nd June 2016, Leverkusen, Germany

23rd September 2016, Leverkusen, Germany

9th of November 2016, Leverkusen, Germany


Click here to download a paper by Denis Hicks on the commoditisation and codification of industry due to Industry 4.0. The paper is based on the contributions of members at our previous events. Comments and suggestions from members are welcome. Please note, this download is password protected. If you attended the event you should have been sent an email containing the password.

Speakers include:

Kurt De Ruwe
Paul Bennington
Denis Hicks
Dirk Wegg
Mark Jenkins

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