It is the strict policy of the European Institute for Industrial Leadership (EIIL) to comply with the letter and spirit of European Union (EU) antitrust law and similar laws in the EU
Member States and other countries.

EIIL’s purpose is to help its members attract, retain and develop their future leaders. It shall not be used as a forum for the discussion of business secrets.

EIIL’s meetings and workshops must always be conducted to avoid even the appearance that its Members are taking common action which might restrict competition.

EIIL meeting discussions shall be limited to (written) agenda topics and minutes shall be provided.

In particular, EIIL’s antitrust policy prohibits any discussions or exchange of information that might constitute or imply an agreement or concerted practice concerning:

  1. Prices or price factors, including discounts, rebates, and reductions;
  2. Costs and demand structure;
  3. Profits and profit margins;
  4. Output and sales;
  5. Market shares and sales territories;
  6. Investments and marketing plans;
  7. Bidding or refraining from bidding;
  8. Credit conditions or any other terms or conditions of sale; or
  9. Selection, rejection, or termination of customers or suppliers.

This prohibition also extends to EIIL workshops of the various leadership development programmes, and to social discussions in gatherings related to either workshops or meeting, even though there will be no minutes for thise.

The prudent rule to be followed at all EIIL meetings and gatherings is that no commercial topics outside the scope of EIIL’s purpose should be discussed.

It is the responsibility of each EIIL Member and EIIL ́s Staff to take individual accountability for compliance with EU law and avoid discussions in any matters outside the scope of EIIL’s purpose.

These meeting rules apply to all meetings and workshops under the guidance of EIIL.

Brussels Jan 2017