Each year we organise conferences to develop, survey and disseminate valued industry opinion on future industry leadership issues.
Our conferences encourage interactive participation of both students and industry managers in order to attract young leaders to a career in industry.


Net Zero Carbon Industry by 2050: Myth or Reality?

An interactive online research conference for leaders of industry, students and associations interested in being part of the climate change solution.


Following the COP26 climate summit, countries and companies all over the world have committed to reduce their carbon emissions by 2050. Some have set challenging targets to achieve carbon neutrality before this.


But is this achievable? Are the changes which have to be made too radical? Or not ambitious enough?


High carbon emission costs (and high energy prices) will influence strategic choices, whilst improvements in digital technologies will influence both the way we operate and the way we work.


Industrial leaders and young sustainability champions will show their commitment to being part of the climate change solution through a series of case studies on:

  • The Circular Economy 
  • Energy Transition
  • Digital Operations
  • Innovation in Engineering and Construction

Mixed breakout groups of industry managers and students will discuss these contributions and commitments in order to better understand the “2050 challenge”.


Results from each conference in the series will contribute to an ongoing survey by the EIIL which will report at the end of the year.