EIIL Research

Supporting members to develop their future

Sharing experience between different industry sectors

Implementing research findings to improve our workshops

How do we work ? - Four ways to new insights

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Research Consortia

Get insights into future leadership issues, benchmark against peers from other organisations and leverage the experience of other members to help your own talent programmes.

Conferences and Surveys

Each year we organise conferences to develop, survey and disseminate valued industry opinion on future industry leadership issues. Conference Series 2020: 'Sustainability in Our Industry - Can ‘being part of the solution’ attract Talent?'.
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The EIIL Masterclass Programme, Ent-Ex and in-company workshops all provide EIIL's coaches with primary research opportunities and (with permission) leading edge material. The workshops are focused on different (work) generations: from young professionals to seniors.

Projects & Partners

The EIIL is pleased to announce its partnership in the ESN led consortium #ErasmusJobs, supported by the European Commission Our research involves not only our members but also companies and industry associations and other dissemination partners from the chemicals, plastics and engineering & construction and automotive sectors.

Recent work summarised

EIIL Research Reports 2003 - 2018