Fragmenting supply chains and increased outsourcing, automation of entry-level jobs, increased visibility of alternative career opportunities, an ageing population of ‘knowers’ working alongside increasing numbers of the Connected Generation with different technological and social capabilities. Such challenges are faced by industry as a whole and not limited to any one sector.

Since the EIIL’s first conference in 2003 we’ve seen a move from a shortage of engineers, where the profession was seen as unattractive, to a more fundamental shortage of talent where industry itself is unattractive to the best young technical graduates. We hear about a need for the re-industrialisation of Europe, and the excitement of Industry 4.0 but also a skills mis-match and a war for talent. We’ve also seen EC initiatives raising awareness of the need of seniors as both mentors and as entrepreneurs.

We believe that a sustainable supply of talent for European industry is an issue for the whole industry, and that all industry associations, whatever their advocacy position or focus, can play a part in the solution.



ART in Industry is a series of workshops taking place throughout 2016 focused on attracting and retaining talent in the industrial sector.

To register or join this working group please contact [email protected]

The full list of workshops is below:

26th January 2016, Brussels. ‘Attracting & Retaining Talent in Industry’

1st June 2016, The Hague. ‘Attracting & Retaining Talent in Industry’

14th September 2016, The Hague. ‘An Ageing Workforce and its Impact on Talent’

24th November 2016, Brussels. ‘An Ageing Workforce – Opportunities for the Older Worker’

25th January 2017, The Hague. ‘Industry 4.0 and its Impact on Talent’

17th May 2017, Barcelona. ‘Mentoring – Getting the Most from Different Generations’

14th September 2017, The Hague. ‘The ‘Transition Generation’ 

23rd November 2017, Brussels.

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