Ent-Ex Entrepreneurial Skills Report (Study of Entrepreneurs, their Skills, and the Importance of Employment and Non-Formal Learning in their Development, 2016)

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Industry 4.0 Research Consortium 2016 Report

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Disruptive Digitisation and our Industry's Future - 2015

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Seniors as Entrepreneurs - 2015

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Validation of Skills acquired through Non-Formal and Informal Learning (presented at the EESC -April 2015)

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Leading the Connected Generation - August 2014

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Entrepreneurship Skills - 2012

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The Challenges and Possibilities of Corporate HR Development (presented at European Regional Economic Forum 2009)

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Engineering Professional Cards Feasibility Study (EIIL report for FEANI, 2008)

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The Shortage of Engineers in Europe and its impact on European Competitiveness (EIIL Leaders of Industry Survey 2006-2008)

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Marketplace for Engineers - 2005

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Leaders of Industry - 2003

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