EIIL Alumni News – CB&I Seniors Succeed & Covestro Champion has new Challenge

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16th June 2017
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3rd November 2017

EIIL Alumni News – CB&I Seniors Succeed & Covestro Champion has new Challenge

We were delighted to hear that Michel Erades, a member of the first CB&I (then ABB Lummus) talent team from 2004/5, has been appointed as Director of Operations for CB&I’s Den Haag office. He takes responsibility for operations for CB&I’s The Hague office (approx. 800 personnel), becomes Leader of The Hague office Management Team and Legal Director of CB&I Nederland B.V.

Succeeding Michel in his former role as Director of Engineering, responsible for the management of all engineering and design disciplines within CB&I, The Hague office, is another EIIL alumni Joris Haesaerts. Back in the Netherlands after a 3-year assignment with CB&I in the US, Belgian Joris, remembered his 2009/10 talent team experience clearly. ‘The EIIL experience has helped me a lot. I’ve used the quadrant of aims often to help me really understand what is required both when I’m given an assignment and when I’m briefing others. And I still use the masterclass interviewing leofitlabs.com. One change in The Hague office since I returned is that I see Steve and his EIIL colleagues as regular visitors here for workshops. It’s good to have their experience around; always helpful and ready to bounce ideas off’

We wish both Michel and Joris all the best in their new roles.

Meanwhile in Germany, Felix Hannisch, formerly Head of Global Process Control Technology has a new challenge. Felix attended workshops on the masterclass programme in 2009. More recently, as a member of Covestro’s Diversity & Inclusiveness Council, together with Evin Hizaler, he was instrumental in re-starting the EIIL talent teams in Covestro after a two-year hiatus during the carve-out from BMS. Throughout 2016 Felix also sponsored the four EIIL research consortium workshops on ‘Industry 4.0 and its Impact in the Process Industry’ which reported in January this year. We wish him all the best in his new challenge as Head of Industrial Automation at Bayer A.G. and look forward to keeping in touch.

We would be interested to hear from other alumni and remind them that they can make contact with each other through the EIIL alumni LinkedIn group , or through the [email protected].

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