What EIIL's team and Network can bring to your Project

  • NETWORKS: EIIL offers a platform for best practice and knowledge sharing between Industrial companies, Industry associations, Professional institutions and Student organisations
  • METHODOLOGIES & CONTENT: EIIL uses its practiced-based learning methodologies to enable: Inter-generational knowledge transfer, Masterclass interview-based learning, Entrepreneurship skills learning (‘Ent-Ex’ series), Working conferences, In-House development workshops, etc…
  • EXPERIENCE: since 2003, the EIIL has put together numerous Multi-stakeholders events and Collaborative Research (particularly on the workplace of tomorrow) with a Core Faculty of world-class experts. The Core Faculty is supplemented every year by more than fifty Guest Faculty from around twenty-five companies, who all share their experiences freely on EIIL development and research workshops because they share the vision and values of the Institute.

Projects we're currently involved in

Seniors as entrepreneurs

We increasingly hear a tendancy of Seniors becoming Entrepreneurs, thus opening a whole area of opportunities of development, on a personal level as well as on an economic and innovativion activity growth. Identifying that there are very many different types of senior entrepreneur, will help determinate the type of support needed to help the transition of seniors to become entrepreneurs.