Negotiation is often thought of as the exchange of demands and concessions necessary to conclude an agreed deal for the purchase or sale of a piece of equipment, a product or a service. But in most cases it is also the beginning of a long term partnership between two organisations.

Whether that partnership is for the delivery of the service or the ongoing technical support of the product or piece of equipment, the success of the partnership is often determined by the relationship established during the negotiation. Yet this is often thought of as secondary to concluding the deal.

Relationships fail when each party pursues conflicting purposes, and aligning the purposes of the parties during the negotiation is essential. But when the parties are from different cultural backgrounds, the opportunities for misunderstanding, and a consequential failure of the alignment process are greatest.

This two – day EIIL Masterclass™ workshop will help participants better understand the essential considerations when planning a significant multi-cultural negotiation.

Key Benefits

By the end of this EIIL Masterclass™ workshop, participants will have developed their own personal approach to acquiring knowledge from experienced seniors in their own or other organisations. They will have practiced and refined this in order to obtain practical insight into what are the essential requirements for a really successful negotiation whatever the cultural environment.

By the end of the course, participants will have an appreciation of the steps in the negotia- tion process and how to prepare for each step and how this preparation might differ when negotiating with different cultural groups.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed to meet the needs of engineers and technologists with five to eight years of post-graduate industrial experience and some early supervisory experience, including those in project management roles.

The workshop will also benefit managers from other disciplines interested in building upon their understanding of the selling function, or who need to lead or contribute to a significant negotiation in the near future.

The workshop will be conducted in English. A good working knowledge of English is a pre- requisite to effective participation in this EIIL Masterclass™ workshop.