To fully participate in this workshop, delegates must have completed HPL 0: ‘A Teamworking Skills Foundation’ which will preceed this on 14th September 2020.


The ability to motivate oneself and others is a key skill of high performance leaders. If we were all motivated in the same way and by the same things leading teams effectively would be considerably easier. This workshop will give delegates the opportunity to explore these issues by tackling a series of tasks designed to replicate the workplace and a variety of situations.

Key Benefits

Participants will have the opportunity to develop an understanding of those things that motivate (and de-motivate) individuals. They will develop observation skills to be able to detect levels of motivation in team members and then to take appropriate actions. There will be an opportunity to examine some renowned papers on motivation and to produce a ‘toolbox’ of ideas for gaining and maintaining the motivation and commitment of others.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed to meet the needs of engineers and technologists with five to eight years of post-graduate industrial experience and some early supervisory experience, including those in project management roles. The workshop will also benefit managers from other disciplines who need to lead multicultural teams of people in either general or functional management positions, particularly those contemplating significant business change programmes in the near future.

The workshop will be conducted in English.