The first morning of this workshop will cover the contents of MCE 0: ‘A Cultural Skills Foundation’. Participants who have already completed this foundation session may join the workshop at coffee break on the first day.


Amongst the most marked changes faced by today’s leaders compared with twenty or even ten years ago is the increase in the need to lead geographically distributed, and therefore almost always culturally diverse teams. The technological advances which have made the management of distributed teams possible has not been matched by equivalent social advances in understanding and appreciating what it takes to move from simple group administration to effective leadership.

In this two day EIIL Masterclass™ workshop participants will develop a framework for improving their own effectiveness as a leader of distributed teams with members from different cultures.

Key Benefits

The workshop will explore the multi-cultural aspects of leading distributed teams. Participants will seek to identify common characteristics of successful multi-cultural distributed teams and to identify the effective practices of the Leaders of such teams. Using the principles behind the ‘Cultural Posture Framework’ demonstrated in MCE0, participants will develop a language for describing the culture of the teams they lead, and a means by which to measure their progress in creating the team culture required for their own circumstances.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed to meet the needs of engineers and technologists with seven to twelve years of post-graduate industrial experience and some early supervisory experience, including those in project management roles.

The workshop will also benefit more senior managers and those from other disciplines in either general or functional management positions who have an interest in improving their leadership of distributed teams.

The workshop will be conducted in English. A good working knowledge of English is a pre-requisite for effective participation in this EIIL Masterclass ™ workshop.