Without innovation, companies die. This workshop will explore how innovation can provide the means of sustaining the company in anticipation of, and reaction to, changes in its external and internal environment. During this workshop participants will consider innovation in its many forms, and will see how different companies consider innovation from both strategic and tactical perspectives.

Key Benefits

By the end of this EIIL Masterclass™ workshop, participants will have developed their own personal approach to acquiring knowledge from experienced seniors in their own or other organisations. They will have practiced and refined this approach in order to obtain practical guidance on how to identify and handle the conceptual and human characteristics which foster, or prevent, innovation in a company.

Participants will be exposed to various forms of innovation; will contrast ‘step-change’ innovation and ‘evolutionary’ or continuous improvements, the different demands that these impose on managerial styles and organisation structures, and the need to balance these two approaches for long-term benefits. They will also encounter a variety of experiences of implementing and monitoring the process of innovation.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed to meet the needs of engineers and technologists with seven to twelve years of post-graduate industrial experience and some early supervisory experience, including those in project management roles.

The workshop will also benefit managers from other disciplines people in either general, functional or project management positions, interested in building upon their understanding of innovation processes and practices.

The workshop will be conducted in English. A good working knowledge of English is a pre-requisite to effective participation in this EIIL Masterclass™ workshop.