Whether to enable innovation in new products, share good practices in efficient operations, maintain best corporate safety standards in globally diverse locations, or simply to provide the transparency demanded by today’s external stakeholders, it is becoming ever more important for the company to effectively manage its knowledge assets.

This EIIL Masterclass ™ workshop will explore how corporate knowledge and experience is gathered and shared in a ‘learning organisation’ and will identify common characteristics of effective knowledge management systems and processes. This workshop will equip participants with a practical insight into the knowledge they need to understand the value of organizational knowledge management in their current and future roles.

Key Benefits

This workshop will provide participants with:

  • an introduction to the concept of knowledge management and knowledge creating and sharing processes;
  • a view of the organization as a ‘learning’ entity that creates and circulates knowledge continuously as it interacts with its environment and as its members interact with each other;
  • an appreciation of a number of effective processes by means of which an organisation creates, maintains and exploits its corporate knowledge.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed to meet the needs of engineers and technologists with seven to twelve years of post-graduate industrial experience and some early supervisory experience, including those in project management roles.

The workshop will also benefit more senior managers and those from other disciplines in either general or functional management positions who have an interest in this aspect of Leading for the Long Term.

The workshop will be conducted in English. A good working knowledge of English is a pre-requisite for effective participation in this EIIL Masterclass ™ workshop.