This week the Covestro plant in Barcelona has hosted a series of workshops, given by the European Institute for Industrial Leadership (EIIL), which addressed some of the challenges facing our industry and current trends in attraction, Development and retention of professionals.

Leading innovation

The “Leading Innovation” workshop took place on May 15 and 16, in which attendees had the opportunity to explore and discuss how innovation can provide the means for a company to anticipate and react to both internal and external changes .

During the workshop we analyzed real examples of different companies that approach innovation from both strategic and tactical perspectives. In this context, the participants received theoretical and practical guidance on how to identify and manage the factors which foster or impede innovation within a company.

In addition, they had the opportunity to identify and contrast the various forms of innovation that exist – through continuous improvements or evolution, and step-change or revolutionary actions – as well as the different demands that these impose on management styles and organizational structures. Also during the day we spoke about the need to balance these different approaches to innovation to achieve long-term benefits, and presented techniques to implement and monitor the innovation process.

Professional mentoring as an integral part of industrial training

On May 17 the Barcelona plant hosted another workshop on the role of career mentors, the skills required and the effectiveness of mentoring programmes to get the best of each generation of professionals at ibebet.com.

Professional mentoring has been an integral part of industrial training for many years. However, according to a study developed by EIIL, the younger generations are less likely to benefit from career mentors, as they instead prefer to seek help and information through online media and social networks. In addition, the industry in general lives in difficult times when it comes to attracting and retaining talent.

During the workshop, which brought together representatives of EIIL member companies and representatives of industry associations, including additional participants from local companies Messer, Elix Polymers and EIIL friend Sorigue, experiences and good practices related to mentoring in the workplace were presented, discussed in groups between the industry professionals present emerald carpet cleaning, and highlights of these discussions then presented. The workshop also provided participants with the necessary resources to inform and advise their teams.

The Covestro plant in Barcelona will host the next 3 and 4 October 2017 the EIIL workshop “Designing the Sustainable Organization”.

18 mayo 2017 – Maria Cinta Perolada Boronat, Covestro Barcelona