Returned Czech : Radek Tries Selling Workshop as Masterclass

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3rd October 2013
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4th January 2014

Returned Czech : Radek Tries Selling Workshop as Masterclass

Nine years after his first EIIL workshop, alumni Radek Cechovic joined junior colleagues on this week’s HPL 60 workshop. Now Manager Procurement at the BRNO office of CB&I Radek first attended this workshop six years ago.

‘Then I was more junior’ said Radek ‘and it was important for me to learn some basic selling skills in order to better influence inside my organisation.  Now I’m more senior it’s more important for me to appreciate the role of my colleagues in sales and I hope me and my team can help them to help our business.’

The workshop format has changed since Radek’s first visit.  ‘Last year we took the decision to change all our remaining workshops to the Masterclass format’, EIIL’S Executive Director Steven Price explained.  ‘We know members can get role-play based selling skills workshops elsewhere but we think that the exposure to views from a number of very experienced sales ‘seniors’ from our network gives our participants a unique insight into the function and an awareness of practices good and bad which will help the more senior participants engage more effectively with their sales colleagues.’

‘I really enjoyed the new format’ said Radek. ‘I’ve learned a huge amount more about sales and I’ve also learned from the interview approach how to learn more from other colleagues and seniors in my company’.

Radek benefited from EIIL’s recent decision to open all workshops free of charge to alumni.

The next EIIL Masterclass workshops can be found in the Workshop Programme.

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