EIIL launches Ent-Ex 2016

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16th February 2016
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4th May 2016

EIIL launches Ent-Ex 2016

~ Programme expands to seven European cities ~

The European Institute for Industrial Leadership has launched its entrepreneurial skills development programme, Ent-Ex 2016. Developed and debuted in 2011, by 2014 it had expanded to three European cities outside of Brussels. Now scheduled to visit seven cities the course has seen overwhelmingly positive feedback from its participants and speakers.

This year the course will be run at its home in Brussels, as well as London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Geneva, Cologne and Lisbon. Registrations opened in March and the first eager-to-learn young people have already shown interest.

At this year’s JADE spring meeting which was sponsored by Covestro, EIIL Executive Director Steve Price and Ent-Ex program manager Alice Vandekerkhove ran a workshop to share valuable, practicable entrepreneurship knowledge. Using Ent-Ex as a demonstration vehicle, Steve and Alice showed how junior enterprises can improve collaboration and programme management across international boundaries for more successful events.

Winner of the most promising newcomer award, LisbonPH said they had learned a great deal from the workshop and that they were looking forward to implementing at Ent-Ex Lisbon in September this year.

Registrations are open for the rest of the Ent-Ex programme where young professionals and students can learn entrepreneurial skills essential to their future careers. The dates for Ent-Ex 2016 are as follows:

London: 27th to 30th of June

Amsterdam: 4th to 7th of July

Barcelona: 11th to 14th of July

Brussels: 18th to 21st of July

Geneva: 1st to 4th of August

Cologne: 19th to 22nd of September

Lisbon: 26th-29th of September
To find out more information, or to register, please visit the Ent-Ex website at www.ent-ex.eu  

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