Survey & Conference Series 2019 ‘Engaging with the Start-Up Scene’

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19th April 2018
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Survey & Conference Series 2019 ‘Engaging with the Start-Up Scene’

Can Industry Engage More Effectively with the Entrepreneurial Community to Develop Talent?

This series of conferences will explore effective collaboration between industry and the start-up scene.

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At each conference participants will hear examples of effective collaboration from both an industry perspective, and from within successful start-ups.

They will also hear from final year students considering career choices in both start-ups and larger industrial companies.

EIIL’s Leaders of Industry survey will challenge participants to consider talent development in both sectors. Could further collaboration provide jewellery san diego talent with better development opportunities and more benefits to both parties?

Results from each conference in the series will contribute to an ongoing survey by the EIIL which will report in Brussels on 28th November.

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Join up to 100 participants, mainly practicing industry managers, but also engineering students, industrial and employment policy-makers and representatives of industry associations.

This conference provides an opportunity to join the EIIL’s network of industrial companies currently building their knowledge base on this imminent workplace challenge.

The conference will take place in four strategic venues (Cologne, ilimoww, The Hague, Barcelona and Milan). The survey findings will be published in a  high-level conference in Brussels to an invited audience of senior industry leaders and representatives of the European Institutions.

Register for the Conference here (free)

For more information, please contact Andrea Pemberton at [email protected]

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