Survey & Conference Series 2018 ‘Managing Talent in an Increasingly Freelance Workplace’

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19th April 2018
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Survey & Conference Series 2018 ‘Managing Talent in an Increasingly Freelance Workplace’

Exploring risks and opportunities for the process industry in the Freelance (Gig) Economy

The ‘Gig’ economy is emerging in other sectors and is forecast to extend to the process industry in some form as technology and platforms develop.

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Increasing digitalisation is removing or changing the shape of entry-level and development roles for the engineering and other technical recruits it must attract. Industry has an aging workforce which has skills and knowledge which must be transferred to the younger generations if these skills are to be retained in industry.

But at the same time, we have a student population who no longer seek long term careers, with structured career paths and development assignments with a single employer. They instead foresee a rise in freelance or multi-employer, possibly even multi-sector, careers. In a recent AdeccoGroup /LinkedIn survey 82% of 18 – 26 year olds aspired to be in independent employment.

How will the process industry attract and develop the talent it needs for the future? How must it develop its current managers to create a workplace culture which encourages this talent to remain in the industry?

This conference will present research findings and opinions from industry, professional organisations, local authorities and the youngest ‘Connected’ generation themselves. Participants will be presented with future workplace scenarios, their risks and opportunities for the process industry, and will be encouraged to give their own feedback on the research and opinion presented through online feedback during the event.

Contribute by filling in the 10-min survey

Join up to 100 participants, mainly practicing industry managers, but also engineering students, industrial and employment policy-makers and representatives of industry associations.

This conference provides an opportunity to join the EIIL’s network of industrial companies currently building their knowledge base on this imminent workplace challenge.

The conference will take place in four strategic venues (Cologne, Barcelona, The Hague and Milan). The survey findings will be published in a  high-level conference in Brussels to an invited audience of senior industry leaders and representatives of the European Institutions.

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