Companies which have developed some of their future leaders with the EIIL

All of the EIIL’s activities are funded by its members’ subscriptions. Membership is open to companies, associations and individuals. Subscription rates are based on a projection of participation levels over the subscription period (usually annually), and adjusted on renewal.


Individual Membership by Invitation
By invitation for contributions to the EIIL as Coach, Interviewee, Guest Speaker & Thought Leader.

Associate Membership
Automatic for one year with any Open Workshop participation
Invitation to participate at IAB and LDB (non-voting)  [see below]
Invitation to provide Interviewees for Masterclass

Corporate Membership
Annual subscription based on special rates to attend selection of EIIL activities.
Voting access to Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) and Leadership Development Board (LDB)
Invitation to provide Interviewees for Masterclass

Corporate Membership Plus
As for Corporate Membership, with additionally:
Unlimited access to all EIIL activities
Option to provide Alumni Support Coaches to train for Members’ internal Masterclasses
Provide own staff as Interviewees for Masterclass & representative(s) for IAB and LDB
Support to integrate EIIL workshops into in-house talent development
Ad-hoc consultancy support to Alumni and Alumni-driven in-house activities.

To become a member, click here to fill out our online form or contact [email protected]