‘In 2003, the Brussels Regional Government funded a survey & seminar to identify the skills of current Industrial Leaders and the requirements  of the next generation of leaders.

Over 100 participants from industry, engineering institutions and academia contributed to produce a curriculum and research programme for an alternative ‘Institute of Leadership’.


In 2004, the first pilot programme was tested by members of the new formed European Institute of Industrial Leadership (EIIL) and the first annual workshop programme was launched in Sept 2004. Since then almost 800 future leaders from more than 40 companies have participated in the EIIL workshop programme.


Since then our annual member-led research programmes, conferences, consortia and surveys into the future needs of industry have not only provided us with a wealth of knowledge of industry issues, but have also allowed us to continually update our workshops to better equip managers for the working environment of the future.


In 2015 EIIL moved from its home on the outskirts of Brussels to Science 14 at the heart of the European quarter with a mandate from its members to vigorously pursue its research aims and to help bring to the attention of its members the many disparate activities related to attracting developing and retaining technical talent which are going on in other related industry associations as a result of industry 4.0 etc.’

Reflecting on 10 years of EIIL Leadership & Learning