New Venues New Members – Masterclass Workshop Programme first time in Barcelona and in Reading, UK

Covestro Barcelona hosts workshops on innovation and mentoring
18th May 2017
Lipstick on a Pig – Why digitalisation of the Project Execution Process has still not brought a fourth Industrial Revolution to Engineering
7th June 2017
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New Venues New Members – Masterclass Workshop Programme first time in Barcelona and in Reading, UK

Talent team participants from five member companies were hosted by Covestro in Barcelona for the ‘Leading Innovation’ workshop in May. This was followed by the second workshop of the Attract and Retain Talent Research Consortium, which explored good practices in mentoring. The workshop was joined by additional participants from local companies Messer and Elix Polymers, industry associations and local government representatives.  Further details of the workshops can be found in this article by Covestro Head of Human Resources Maria Cinta Perolada Boronat.

Andrea Firenze, General Manager for Covestro Spain, opened the workshops providing participants an insight into the business of Covestro in the region and the main activities of the Barcelona and Tarragona sites. ‘I think it is a real bonus to be able to learn so much about other member companies through these site visits’ commented Andreas Rathman, a Senior Electrical Engineer from CB&I’s London office.

EIIL will next be in Barcelona with its Ent-Ex entrepreneurial skills programme 10-13 July, and then again with the masterclass programme in early October.

Also in May new member Aspentech hosted the masterclasss on ‘Leading an Effective Selling Organisation’. John Koumoutsakis, Senior Vice President Aspentech EURA was one of the senior guests interviewed by workshop participants and contributed his own experience and some interesting personal insights into the subject.

A second visit to Aspentech in Reading for the ‘Appreciating Industrial Marketing’ workshop is planned for September (19th – 20th) providing an opportunity for UK-based friends of EIIL to join the programme.

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