Ent-Ex Aligned with European Pact for Youth

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18th January 2016
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Ent-Ex Aligned with European Pact for Youth

Seven million 15-24 year olds in Europe are neither in employment, education nor training, but at the same time a quarter of employers report having difficulties finding the people with the right skills, and there are 2 million jobs remain unfilled.

The EIIL and Ent-Ex were amongst 500 people present at the Enterprise 2020 Summit in November 2015 to hear that it is urgent to find a solution; that Europe needs to help young people develop the skills which are needed in the job market; to create tools and programmes and raise awareness to tackle this issue.

Summit organisers CSR Europe (The European Business Network for Corporate Social Responsibility) brought together major European organisations, big industries (including several CEOs) and EU leaders to launch the European Pact for Youth. This initiative aims to help young Europeans in the labour market; to help them increase their engagement with, and inclusion in, companies and more widely, in society.

Specifically, the Pact for Youth is focused on helping young people develop skills required in the marketplace through apprenticeships and traineeships but also through other development programmes and entrepreneurial activities.

Identified as a values-driven provider of entrepreneurial skill development programmes for young people through its Ent-Ex initiative, EIIL was invited to join other stakeholders, private and public, for profit and not-for-profit to meet, discuss and further develop common initiatives for young people in Europe.

The EIIL will continue to monitor these programmes to help our members understand the initiatives and trends on the European level and will get enthusiastically involved where we can extend or modify our current activities to meet this wider need.

You can find out more about the Pact for Youth following this link but also on the CSR Europe website.

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