EIIL to host second Industry 4.0 workshop

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4th May 2016
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4th May 2016
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EIIL to host second Industry 4.0 workshop

~ Event will bring together participants from across the industry to expand upon the challenges raised by Industry 4.0 ~

Later this month the EIIL will be hosting the second of its high-level workshops on Industry 4.0. On the 2nd of June, EIIL members, evaluating members and other industry stakeholders will meet at the headquarters of EIIL member Covestro in Leverkusen, Germany. The workshop aims to build on the pilot discussions that took place in the previous workshop and look at opportunities that might be realised from increased digitisation and big data analysis inside the production plant.

The event also aims to provide a purposeful networking opportunity for the participants involved, which along with the aforementioned groups will also include representatives of selected industry associations and professional bodies.

Participants in the masterclass-style research workshops will crowd-source their opinions and expertise on the subject in four differently themed impulse presentations. Throughout, the EIIL will maintain a keen interest in identifying future potential leadership issues and the skill requirements of next generation leaders.

The first workshop identified potential disruptors in the marketplace and strategic directions open to companies as their core processes risk becoming commoditised and encoded.

The next workshops will discuss the possibilities afforded by increased automation, remote sensors and improved connectivity inside the plant. The June 2nd workshop will focus on the primary value chain processes. After the summer a third workshop in the series will focus on the supporting services such as maintenance and possibly procurement.

“In what ways will it change how we work, and lead, and how can we make sure those changes provide the most positive impact with the least disruption ?” asked Denis Hicks, EIIL Advisory Board member and one of the pilot workshop facilitators. “Discussing these questions now allows us to be in a proactive position as the changes take place. The key is to actively engage with change.”

“My key takeaway is that everyone is facing the same challenges, so that helps. I very much liked the interaction, to share experiences and to learn from others,” commented one participant in the first workshop. Another expanded, “for me the takeaway is that you have to do something with the changing environment. You either actively participate in it, or you have to find a way to outsource it and get the expertise in. If you don’t, you get blown away by something else.”

If you would like to sign up to join the working group, contact secretariat@eiil.net

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