11th January 2017

Talent Management for a Sustainable Organisation (LLT 6) 3-4/09/18 Leverkusen

Objective Many successful organisations, including world class companies have failed and disappeared as a result of appointing top managers who were inappropriate for their roles. The […]
10th September 2015

Leading Turnarounds in Companies (LPG 9)

Details of this workshop are available upon request to secretariat@eiil.net
9th September 2015

Perspectives on Risk (LPG 6)

Details of this workshop are available on request to  secretariat@eiil.net
2nd September 2015

An Industrial Maketing Foundation (LPG 4) – Milan – 23-24/10/18

Objective Industrial Marketing is introduced as an essential component within the business strategy process with an emphasis on proposing realistic, well planned business models and valuations. […]
22nd August 2015

Business Planning (LPG 2) – Leverkusen – 06-07/11/18

Objective The ability to develop and present a clear and easily communicated business plan or investment / project proposal is a key requirement for those wanting to progress […]