‘Leading Generation C’ Brussels Conference Review

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3rd January 2013
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‘Leading Generation C’ Brussels Conference Review

Are we connected? The first of its kind ‘connected generation’ conference saw 82 Participants congregate at the EIIL’s Chateau Latour des Freins in Brussels. Four key ‘impulse’  presentations  by Denis Hicks, David Jammes (P&G), Heather Moore (Vodafone) and Kurt de Ruwe (former CIO at BMS) were each followed by four break-out sessions where facilitated group  discussions on each impulse theme generated considerable output, highlights of which were summarised in presentations back to the plenary session

The format received excellent feedback during the evening post-conference reception. This was not the typical ‘frontal speakers only’ or ‘I come to listen’ conference. After each one of four impulse presentation by the high level speakers, participants enjoyed the opportunity to share their own thoughts and discussed these with other participants in their groups, all well experienced industry practitioners. Impulse presentations and video output (in a rough first edit) has been posted on a LinkedIn group.

The core take-aways from the break-out sessions related to the future abilities and demands of the connected generation.

The opinion was formed and generally agreed that the Gen C’s will increase in efficiency (e.g. in being able to research and compile data). But on the other hand there was a generally agreed concern that Gen C will enter the workplace knowing how to access data but not knowing that they need experience to be able to validate data, analyse data, and to be able to take the correct decisions.

From the human resource perspective, Gen Cs expect to be mobile, moving between careers, and therefore their experience becomes their USP. Successful recruitment (and retention) will need to give messages about how our organisations can provide (structured) career opportunities to help an individual to develop their own experience (‘USP’ ). In consequence companies will have to become quicker at creating more opportunities / exposure for Gen Cs, with associated risk for the company, which brings the question for further study ‘how do you monitor someone being given a ‘free reign’.’

This subject will be discussed at our Leadership Development Meetings, and in our other conferences throughout 2013.

Ralph Schneider, Social Media Manager, Bayer MaterialScience

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