Business Planning – There’s Nothing Special About It

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3rd August 2013
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3rd November 2013
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Business Planning – There’s Nothing Special About It

OK, so that’s not quite what was meant by Ties van der Laan, Luxembourg-based former manager with ING venture capital in NL, and Subject-Matter-Expert Coach on this first EIIL Masterclass of 2014.

‘I find it fascinating to discover through the senior experts we hear in this Masterclass process that the key characteristics of a Business Plan remains the same whatever the size of company.’ said Ties. ‘The tools used may differ in different companies, but the purpose remains the same – to convince your investor (or your company investment Board, or even your Project’s Steering Committee) that they can have confidence. Confidence that you can make your proposal achievable, and that it will provide them with the returns on their investments that you have promised them’.

The EIIL Masterclass approach introduces participants to the opinions of several Senior Managers from a variety of different companies within the EIIL network, and asks them to pull together some common, and important characteristics, and good practices related to the workshop theme. Participants develop skills to help them learn from experienced seniors in a series of highly interactive ‘learner-driven’ engagements. EIIL Coaches, both Process, and Subject-Matter-Experts, help teams of participants prepare for, and review these engagements, and then to assimilate their (often disparate) views into a useful workshop ‘takeaway’.

‘I’ve never experienced anything like this type of workshop before’ said Pierre Bondoit, Head of Subcontracts Department in CB&I’s Den Haag office. ‘I can see where I can use this interviewing skill as soon as I return to the office.’

‘We call it ‘Learning to Learn from Experience’ ‘ said EIIL Director and Process Coach on the workshop Steve Price. ‘It’s an English play on words, because you learn not just from the experience of the seniors, but you also learn from your own experience of the interaction with them’.

The next EIIL Masterclass workshops can be found in the Workshop Programme..

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