2014 Kick-Off – EIIL Reaches New Heights

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3rd February 2013
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2014 Kick-Off – EIIL Reaches New Heights

This week saw the start of the EIIL’s 11th year of workshops on the 15th floor of Member CB&I’s European headquarters building in Den Haag, NL. Affectionately known (in English at least) as the Crow’s Nest, CB&I’s Boardroom became the EIIL’s classroom for the first workshop of 2014.

Participants from the Netherlands, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Egypt were coached through a Teamworking Skills Foundation workshop by Steve Price, followed by two days with John Doerr on High Performance Teamwork. The location of the workshop gave plenty of opportunity for coaches, and CB&I’s HR Manager for the Netherlands, Marco de Vries, to point out to this year’s new cohort of CB&I’s high potential Talents that the Boardroom is a place they can can realistically aspire to reach. ‘We’ve worked with the EIIL for ten years now’ said Marco, ‘and it is good to see alumni of our EIIL Talent Teams now in very senior positions in the company. There’s no reason why some of this year’s team shouldn’t follow’.

John Doerr, who coached the first ever EIIL ‘pilot’ workshop, which, coincidentally was closely related to this week’s High Performance Teamwork, recalled that current CB&I Director of Engineering (and EIIL Advisory Board member) was a participant on this pilot. ‘Jan took the position that if he was going to commit his Talents to a new programme he would like to try it out for himself first’ said John. ‘Other companies took a similar position and we had some very senior participants working alongside others much more junior – not unlike a real-work situation. I know the EIIL encourages this approach to this day, and we are looking forward to seeing some Seniors evaluating workshops later in the year.’

The workshop was the last time the EIIL would be able to enjoy the Crow’s Nest as CB&I are due to re-locate to a new building in Den Haag, and participants and staff were grateful for the opportunity. The EIIL will return to Brussels for future workshops unless other special occasions are to be celebrated.

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